Combining his diverse qualifications, knowledge and vast experience through founding Living With Sense, Edwin mentors those looking to transition to plant based whole foods - simply and for life.

Through his coaching, speaking and writing, he wants to help you achieve better health through reconnecting your senses and empower you to become your own guru.




  • Specialist in Behavioural Science to help people to achieve their outcomes

  • Certified in Plant Based Nutrition from the eCornell University

  • Certified in The Field of Ericksonian Hypnosis

  • A hydration and structured water expert

  • Has over the last 15 years at various times been a vegan, vegetarian, fruitarian, raw foods and for the last 4 years just Plant Based Whole Foods (PBWF)

  • Experienced in preparing, fasting and how to break a fast which include water and fruit fasts for up to 40 days.

(Please note that Edwin recognises that Science in our Western Society seems to be highly valued however an orange has never spoken a word, gave a formula or gave a definition of what it is but when your body asks for it, it feels good).



It all began on a farm.

Edwin grew up in the Netherlands in beautiful lush green countryside on a big dairy, beef and vegetable farm just outside Amsterdam. As you can imagine, he has a very good handle on where our current food comes from and how it comes about.

From a young age, he wanted to see something of the world and decided in 1996 to travel to Australia which he has been calling home ever since.

Then Edwin started questioning the status quo.

In 2002, Edwin had several profound experiences that became the catalysts to learn more about accessing profound states and how to use our minds. Edwin was very fortunate to study behavioural science with the co-founder of Neuro Linguistic Programming Classical and the New Code, Dr. John Grinder from the USA.

Edwin studied some more.

Studying with Dr. John Grinder gave him incredible insight into how to manage and influence his emotions at will. He developed an incredible set of skills that he could start using to help others who wanted change in their lives.

Edwin also started to observe that what he ate and drunk had a significant effect on his mood, energy levels and concentration. So he decided to study at eCorrnel University with Dr. T Colin Campbell. Dr Campbell is specialist in plant based whole foods and the correlation between food intake and disease. It was interesting but it did not made all sense.


It was time for a fresh start.

During this time in his life, Edwin wanted to do a major cleanse to start fresh.  He was particularly interested in water fasting and the healing power of water. After months of studying this subject and talking to different people, he decided to do a 40 day fast. Edwin drank water for 18 days, juice for 14 days and then 8 days water again. He gained incredible clarity and further insights into the healing power of water and cleansing the body. Edwin experienced some incredible changes in his body including old injuries healed, twitches gone, regular bowel movements and no more mucus for years to come!

And the hydration information quest began...

Edwin then set out on a quest to learn everything that he possibly could about the healing properties of water. He studied the work of professors, scientists, doctors, inventors, foresters, biologists, tribal people, religion and researchers  etc. It became clear to Edwin that nobody really had figured out water yet. However he discovered that when you mimic natures way of treating water it could have a very positive effect on the quality of your tap water. Anecdotal evidence of thousands of people who have done this type of treatment reported significant health and plant performance improvements. (Science today is trying to figure out how this is possible as well how water works and why certain treatments of water have such a positive effect on people and plant live).

The AHA moment had arrived

But Edwin still had a burning question as to why there is so much confusion about how to achieve optimal health amongst scientists, doctors and health gurus. And then the answer became clear. Edwin's persistence and thousands upon thousands of hours of researching, scrutinising, reflecting and testing had finally paid off. It was a massive AHA moment in Edwin's life and he witnessed it is the key to true health and well being. What he has learnt he wants to share with you. Edwin's wisdom is not the status quo and most likely you will not hear it from your doctor, scientist, nutritionist, dietitian or from your health guru. They are a set of comprehensions proven to be very profound and extremely effective!

Now it's time to share with you what he's learnt!

Edwin can now see with absolute clarity how we can restore our confidence in how to be healthy. How to trust our senses and apply common sense in ways he could have never imagined. It is so simple, yet so profound.

Edwin is very confident that his mentoring and coaching program will not only improve your health, vitality and energy but will also bring more awareness, confidence and happiness into your life. He wants to show you how to be your own ‘guru’.


The combination of Edwin’s knowledge and experience will give you the results that not many others could - I would highly recommend working with him.
— Darren Collins - Director of Melbourne Adventure Hub