I've successfully coached and mentored a lot of people to plant based whole foods and learnt a lot along the way about how to make it a permanent lifestyle choice that delivers you optimal health!

Today,  I wanted share the most common mistake that people make (so you don't make the same one!), give you insider information about what you should know before you start and talk briefly about blame.


If you're looking to transition to plant based whole food, it's vital to ensure you choose who to listen to wisely. Don’t take advice from people who do not walk the talk and haven't been eating a plant based whole foods for years. So many people listen to family, friends or 'experts' who have no knowledge of, or experience in plant based whole food and they end up confused and conflicted.

Something to ask yourself: would you take financial advice from someone with no money or experience in financial matters?

It is SO important when you are making the transition that you surround yourself with people who are thriving on plant based whole food. Those who are vibrant and energetic. These are the people you will learn the most from and often they will be willing to share some useful tips and experiences that you can use for the rest of your life. 


You are going to feel much better than you do right now! Your energy levels will go up and your fitness and strength will improve quite quickly. Most body ailments will start to disappear over time and you will gain more clarity and vitality overall.

Don’t worry about calories, vitamins, minerals, protein, iron etc. The wonderful thing about eating a good variety of plant based whole foods is that this will no longer will be a concern when you reconnect your five senses.

I want you to imagine something for me: pretend for a moment that you were an animal that eats only plant based whole foods. Do you think these animals have a vitamin chart that they check off everyday? Do you think they concern themselves with worrying about what plants they need to eat to get a balanced diet? The Living With Sense coaching program empowers you to become your own guru through reconnecting your senses. I believe we are all so disconnected from our senses and bodies, that we no longer know what our bodies require for health and vitality. The simple solution is to reconnect your senses and know that you hold the key to your health.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of money being made through making sure our senses stay disconnected and that we rely heavily on the health industry to make us better! It's called the modern medicine cycle and it keeps you going back for symptom based treatment rather than fixing the root cause.

So step out from underneath the scientific 'non-sense' - it has nothing to do with health and vitality. But reconnecting your senses and eating plant based whole food every day, does.


I often get asked by clients, 'Who should I blame for my health?'

The short answer is ‘YOU’. 

But this is a good thing because it means you are in charge of your health! You (and only you) are responsible and accountable for what goes into your mouth, what kind of information you expose your eyes and ears to and what feedback you take on board from your body.

Nature’s food such as fruit, veggies, nuts, grains, seeds, herbs and structured water are packed with nutrients and life force energy to nurture your body, emotions, mind and soul. I believe that it's time to un-educate ourselves and get back to Living With Sense

Imagine for a moment that you were one of the millions of people who knew how to thrive on plant based whole food. What difference that would make in your life to truly thrive? To be in control of a body that feels light, strong, mobile. Where your mind is sharp and your vitality is at its peak.

If you like the sound of this and it's all starting to makes sense, then please continue on your path to eating plant based whole foods. The benefits are truly inspiring when you combine it with Living With Sense and reconnect your senses.