Are your beliefs and values giving you the health and happiness you want to experience or is it time to re-examine them?

Does anybody know why our thoughts are the way they are? Why we behave the way we behave? Are we programmed and controlled like robots or are we free to make decisions, have unique thoughts that best serve our own interests – ones that are aligned with our values and beliefs in the context of our health?

These are relevant questions you should ask yourself.

The opposite of freedom is either being overtly or covertly controlled. Have we been given the illusion that we are free but perhaps we are not? Does anybody actually comprehend this very important distinction? How do you truly know if you are controlled or free when you make decisions?

Perhaps one of the biggest indicators if you are free or not is to observe if you act against your own core values and beliefs.

Let me give you a few simple examples of what I am talking about at a macro level:

  • People say they value the oceans, lakes, rivers, air, and forests. But every day we are actively involved in producing and or consuming the very things that destroy them

  • People say they care for other people but we are actively involved in the production and usage of machines, technologies, products and services that cause illness, disease and early painful deaths

  • People all over the world say they love other people but keep supporting through their thinking and daily labour the very world system that causes millions of people to die through starvation, shortage of clean drinking water, basic sanitation and war

  • People say they love animals but turn a blind eye when animals are locked up on farms, pet shops, homes and zoos

  • People say they love animals but we are willing to slaughter them just for their taste (not essential to be healthy)

  • People say the clean air is important to them but support (directly or indirectly) every industry here on earth. Industries that pollute the air at such a level that it causes illness, disease, and slow death

It also happens at a micro level:

  • People drink fizzy drinks that have loads of processed sugars and synthetic substances that are detrimental to their health

  • People drink alcohol, smoke or do recreational drugs that kill their brain cells and poisons their bodies

  • People drink coffee, which is very acidic, contains poison and dehydrates their body

  • People put toothpaste in their mouth that contains fluoride which is a toxic poison

  • People eat foods that are heavily processed, acidic, have little to no fiber and are full of sugar and bad fats, creating disease, illness, and death

  • People kill animals to eat the flesh for taste yet it causes cancer, creates cardiovascular disease and obesity

  • People deplete the oceans from overfishing and eat fish that’s toxic from all the pollution in the water - causing illness, disease and slow death

  • People wear garments that are made by children in sweatshops which are and made with toxic materials to wear a few times and then throw it out

  • People use computers and mobile phones and other gadgets that use toxic materials that end up in the environment which cause disease, illness, and slow death

  • People build homes from toxic materials that we breathe in every day when we live in them

  • People decorate their homes with furniture and fittings made with toxic materials and breathe it in every day

  • People drive around in cars, that are made from mined materials that produce loads of toxins that end up polluting the rivers and oceans that we then drink

  • People use toxic self-care products every single day on their skin that get washed down the sink back into the ocean and into our drinking water

  • People take medicines that have many detrimental side effects that are poisoning their brains and bodies in the process

  • People drink polluted tap water with harmful toxins in it like fluoride, heavy metals, and chlorine

  • People clean their homes with toxic liquids or sprays which end up back into our waterways

And the list goes on and on and on.

I could not stop wondering how this is possible and why we are all so willingly involved in this self-destructive way of thinking and behaving. It just did not make any sense to me?

Why had I become so delusional that I was no longer able to see that my thoughts and actions were in direct conflict with what was good for my health and self-preservation?

From the moment I realised that I was involved in this mindless way of thinking and behaving, I wanted to know why. It took me eight years to figure out why I am acting against my own core values and contradicting my own beliefs day in, day out.

I came to realise during my quest to find answers that I had to explore how I knew what I thought I knew? (This is called my own personal epistemology in behavioural science). I sought to answer:

  • How did I know the things I thought I knew?

  • How did I know what was best for others and myself?

  • How did I know that those things I held to be ‘True’ were in fact true?

I started to recognise that from the day I was born, I had been fed a whole bunch of lies. I started to see that I was swimming in an ocean of lies and had become a liar myself without actually realising it.

I discovered that we are being controlled by certain ‘powers that be’. I call these ‘powers that be’ master manipulators. These people are well organised and have a very different agenda than you and me and everything that represents life here on earth.

They influence and control our thoughts and behaviours through introducing non-verifiable information - also known as non-sense information, or third party information.

They distribute this non-sense information through their system that we collectively uphold and keep alive. In that system, you have all the different departments such as Government, Education, Science, Religion, Law Enforcement, Courts, Media, Hospitals, Farms, Supermarkets, Corporations and many other parts of the system.

The system reminds us every day how it works and what everything means to ensure it doesn’t dissipate.

We are purposefully fed lots of information from a very young age. Information that cannot be verified but that must be believed for it to be true. Which is pretty much all the information that we have come to know during our entire life.

What I am talking about is very much like the Tooth Fairy tales we tell our children. Let’s have a look at the following example: a parent introduces a story to a child and acts as if the story is true. The parent then backs up the story with some false proof that the Tooth Fairy exists as she leaves a small gift under their pillow in exchange for their teeth. Based on that promise, the child will be mollified when they lose their teeth and behaves the way the parent desires.

It’s the same with Father Christmas. In order for Father Christmas to exist, you have to believe in the story. When you believe in the story your thinking and behaviour can be further manipulated. Especially when the child believes that there are serious/scary consequences when they don’t act like good children in the lead up to Christmas. Or when they get told they are getting something valuable from Father Christmas, like toys.

Does this storytelling = manipulation make sense to you?

But if I was to tell a kid about a certain type of tree in the woods and then I show them the tree and allow them to experience the tree with their own five senses. They would be able to see the tree is alive and that it can support itself without needing me to tell a story about it, true?

However, when I start to tell to the kid what kind of tree it is (the category, variety etc), then I start to lie again. How can I possibly step into the shoes of the tree and represent the tree? Only the tree can present the tree - the rest is just me telling stories (lies).

Remember that only the tree is the authentic author of its story and not MAN who acts as an impostor by filling up people’s heads with non-sense, non-verifiable information produced to control their thinking and behaviour.

Let the kid (and all people on earth) have their own unique experience with this incredible biology that grows by itself here on earth.

However, if my desired outcome was to control people (to the extent that they comprise their own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health), then the easiest way to do this would be to get people involved in as much non-sense information as possible.

I am fortunate to be part of a very big family, which included 16 uncles and aunties and dozens of cousins.  However, too many of my family members had to deal with illnesses and diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease, depression, cancer, Alzheimer’s, asthma and obesity (just to name a few). Many of my family have died too early and quite painfully.

None of my uncles, aunties or cousins wished these illnesses and diseases upon themselves but it still happened. It is like we are all hypnotised by something we don’t understand (stand under) that seems to kill us slowly.

But it doesn’t have to happen this way. I want to reveal the root cause of this hypnotised thinking and behaviour. The root cause to all this unnecessary suffering and destruction of life here on earth. It is called ‘NON-SENSORY INFORMATION’.

This non-sensory information that we have come to believe as truth is like a runaway train that destroys everything in its path that people claim to value. Doing harm to everything and everyone but people don’t know how to stop it. It’s like a genie that someone has let out of the bottle and we don’t know how to put it back.

As mentioned earlier on, these ‘Master Manipulators’ control people all over the world without people even realising it.

If you consciously put out a lie to the world and you back it up by more justified lies, then you too could start a supplement and pharmaceutical industry and make billions of dollars of profit in the process.

Let’s take a look at a scenario that plays out in our own daily lives. It is a story about vitamins, calories, carbs, and proteins. These are all labels of stuff you and I have never sensed. You simply have to believe in it for it to be true.

Can it be that something made up like ‘vitamins’, that supposedly come from nature, can be represented in a pill form that sits in a plastic container and can sit on a shelf for more than a year?

A pill that does not look, sound, feel, smell or taste like anything that nature produces. And somehow this pill knows all about your highly complex biology and what it’s meant to do based on what you’ve been told you are lacking.

Can you hear the non-sense flying over the counter and the cash register ringing! Can you start to sense the lies and how you have been taken advantage of so easily? Therefore it is crucial that people comprehend the difference between sensory information and non-sensory information in order to stop the mind control and drone behaviour.

Can you see why most people on this earth are swimming in an ocean of lies not knowing anymore what is true or not because they can’t make this very important distinction? Can you see that it puts a wedge between nature and people? Can you see how easily you can control people’s thinking and behaviour?

Take NASA as an example for a moment. They say they have put people on the moon, that there are many galaxies, as well super nova’s and black holes. But when I ask anybody on the street if they have ever seen anybody on the moon, a galaxy, a supernova or a black hole they all answer with a NO.

Vitamins, calories and carbs are made up stuff that you can’t see or sense - like the Tooth Fairy or Father Christmas who only exist if you believe in them. You cannot visit vitamins and ask if they are real. You can’t see, hear, touch, smell or taste them through your five senses.

You first need to be educated to make some sense out of all the non-sense.

It became very clear to me that when you spread a lies amongst truth you can manipulate peoples thinking and behaviour quite easily. It would be extremely hard for people to work out what is being done to them.

Education is the key. You must be educated first. Only through education will you understand (stand under) their control. It’s so vitally important for you to comprehend what I am explaining to you!

The most valuable asset to the Master Manipulators is your brain. Your brain computes their non-sense information and turns it into truth. Governments, Corporations and all other departments of the system are designed to spread as much non-sensory information on earth as possible.

They aim for you to never be aware that your thoughts and actions are in direct conflict with your core values and beliefs. They ensure that you cannot make the distinction between sense and non-sense information. They want to make sure you remain confused and never figure out why these horrible symptoms and illnesses keep occurring.

Surely it cannot be that we all keep contributing to uphold a society that causes major harmful effects to people’s physical, emotional and mental health? A society that destroys people’s spirits and causes illness, diseases and slow and painful deaths?

Surely it cannot be that we keep destroying all other forms of life in the name of evolution and progress?

It’s time for us to recognise that the non-sense information that’s peddled to us day-in day-out has corrupted our thinking and behaviour to the extent that we have become puppets of the puppeteer without even realising it!

The non-sense information has infiltrated our way of life like a disease that quietly gains a tighter grip on our thinking and behaviour. Eroding our values and leaving us conflicted, confused and divided.

It is now our responsibility to become accountable. To start seeing that the Emperor has no clothes on. We must root out the make-believe, the story-telling, the third party information and the non-sense in our own lives and start living with sense again.

When we do this, our health will return and the earth will start to serve us again as it was meant to.

The bonds with nature that we broke that served us so well once upon a time will be restored again. We won’t let anyone or any non-sense to stand in between nature and ourselves again.

Our values and beliefs that we hold in high regard will start to match our thinking and our day-to-day actions. We will start to care for one another again, let the animals be and nature will be restored again to its pristine state.

When we decide to stop doing harm to ourselves and everything else that lives on this beautiful earth, health, peace and happiness will be restored.

You can start today to restore the natural order by eating Plant Based Whole Foods (PBWF) and never doubt nature again. What nature produces is there to serve you. Develop an appetite for fresh foods that grow organically in the ground, on the ground and above the ground.

Start to realise that anything that is not a PBWF cannot be considered as food and it simply cannot serve you robbing your life energy. It is a lie, it is non-sense information designed to control your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It is there to break you down, to profit from you, to stop you asking crucial questions, to be forever swimming in the ocean of non-sense information acting like a robot slave.

It is very difficult to control people who are aware and who are healthy. Who can see the lies when people start to peddle third party information as ‘truth’?

It is time for us all to cleanse (detox) our bodies of all the impurities we have exposed ourselves too. All of the impurities that people have breathed in, have eaten, have drunk or have touched.

Remember that these impurities have only come into existence through all the lies, all the non-sense information you have heard throughout your whole life.

Comprehend that man-made non-sense only brings about destruction, control and power over others.

The time has come for people all over the world to start to trust themselves again and restore the broken bonds with nature and their own innate wisdom.

I am here to help you to be independently healthy for the rest of your life!