Last week I was invited as a guest speaker on the ‘Evolution Podcast’ hosted by Amrit Sandu - it's called Healthy Thinking and Behaving Healthy and it’s now live here!

I first met Amrit three years ago when he bought a Single Tap and a Shower Structured Water unit through my online business, AHA Structured Water. Amrit suffered serious skin issues (Psoriasis) and was truly amazed by the healing powers of Structured Water – find out more about his story when you listen to the podcast.

We stayed in touch over the years and when Amrit recently started his own podcast to share inspiring stories from people all over the world, I was flattered when he thought of me! 

When Amrit first asked me to come on the show, I checked in with my unconscious to see if this was something that I should do. To my surprise, I received a pretty strong ‘no’ single.

At the time, I didn’t understand why that was the case but I asked my unconscious for some insight into why. A few days went by and I realised why I had received the ‘no’.

It became clear that in order for me to do the podcast, I needed to change the way I approached it. My initial approach was a formal and structured one, which turns out what my unconscious was objecting to. But as soon as I started thinking about an alternative approach, I started getting a strong ‘yes’ signal. I was good to go!

My new approach was much less formal and focussed on enjoying myself and having a good time without premeditated thoughts of what to say, what discuss and how to behave. I discovered that sometimes preparation is very useful and that sometimes it can stand in the way (like it did in my case with the podcast).

I had never before done anything like this and was not sure what to expect. But before Amrit and I knew it, two hours had flown by! From experience, losing track of time like that always seems to happen when you are in a ‘flow state’. And this had happened to us!

The main topic of conversation was trying to unravel and simplify the ever-confusing paradigm of health. I shared my thoughts and philosophies on "thinking healthy" and how that results in Living with Sense!

Healthy thoughts enable us to live congruently and be firmly grounded allowing access to resultant, subsequent and consequent ‘flow states’ that enrich life.

Anybody who listens to this podcast is in for a treat (in my humble opinion!). We discussed many topics but some of the most important topics included:

  • Why do we think the way we think?

  • Why do we behave the way we behave?

  • Why do we say we love nature but through our daily activities, we destroy it?

  • Is society delusional and incongruent and if so, why is that?

  • Why have we taken on belief systems that are not serving us?

  • Why does the intellect worship over sensory-based knowledge?

  • Is there something you can do in your life that fosters better health?

  • The incredible insights I gained during my 40 day water and juice fast

  • What happens to our health when we look at food differently?

  • What does eating plant based whole foods mean and how does it impact your health?

  • Are our minds filled with non-sense that prevent us sensing the truth?

  • Why is it so important to know the difference between sense and non-sense?

  • Is there a type of water that serves us better then any other water on earth?

My aim when I was doing the podcast was to add value and I hope I have been able to deliver. I certainly do not have all the answers, however I do think anybody who has an interest in health and understanding why you think and behave the way you do might like to tune in. Please take a listen – I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!