There are oodles of ‘gurus’ who have fancy titles or go by certain names that claim to have the all the answers as to what you should eat to stay healthy.  

The most vocal people who speak about what constitutes ‘healthy food’ are doctors, scientists, professors, nutritionists, dieticians but also schools, government bodies, and of course, your family and friends. And they all seem to know what is best for you – it’s confusing!

I am none of the above, so what could I possibly have to offer when it comes to what foods to eat and how to eat them, right? Foods that will boost your energy, vitality and health?

What I have to offer is called Common Sense!


You see, we use our senses all the time when we look, listen, touch, and taste or smell something. Our senses are a pretty sophisticated set of tools that we have at our disposal. So how can your senses let you know what to eat, how to be healthy and energised?

I can help you reconnect them through my mentoring and coaching program. It’s simple and it’s for life.

I’d like you to have a think about the following:

If I want to increase performance by eating only plant based whole foods, then it makes sense to learn from somebody who has already done it.

If I want to create tasty plant based wholefood breakfasts, lunches and dinners, then it makes sense to learn from somebody who does this every day.

If I want to know where to find seasonal plant based wholefoods then it makes sense that I learn from someone who practices this on a daily basis.

Can you sense the pattern here?


The key to success is modelling what works. People who eat only plant based wholefoods feel more energised, stronger and lighter. They are leaner, more mobile, have smoother joints, feel sharper, have clearer eyes, glowing skin, healthier nails, shiny hair, better breath and regular bowl movements. And one of the most profound changes: a better state of mind. 

There are fast growing numbers of people (millions) that eat ‘only’ plant based wholefoods. These people have made a conscious choice to put only plant based whole foods into their body. 

I am one of these millions of people who made a decision to eat plant based wholefoods and for good reasons.

The question I like would like to put forward is this. If you can be strong, energised, and healthy on ‘only’ plant based wholefoods with a great variety of delicious tasting foods, would you do it?

You see when you have millions of healthy, vibrant looking people who are energised by ‘only’ eating plant based whole foods you don’t need to do years of scientific studies to see it is possible.

You just need guidance from somebody who actually walks the talk.

When the Wright brothers announced they created a machine that could fly, their claim was easy to verify because you could see the actual plane in the sky. You could hear it, you could feel it, you could smell it, and some might say you could taste it when it took of into the sky.


For the last 15 years I have tried different kinds of plant based wholefoods. I have eaten just fruit for 6 months, I have eaten just raw food for 1 year. But concluded that for eating ‘only’ plant based whole foods that include steamed, baked and raw suits me best.  

If you value simplicity, common sense and feeling fantastic on a daily basis then eating ‘only’ plant based whole foods is for you.  I can guarantee that you will experience greater health, vitality and a whole lot more energy.

Remember millions have gone before you – model what works, learn from somebody who walks the talk. Use your senses.

Ps. By eating PBWF you do Mother Earth a big a favor and be a hero for animals!