Is it normal for people to feel symptoms of discomfort on a daily basis? 

Is it normal for people to be on medication? 

Is it normal to put your health in other people’s hands? 

Why is this the truth for so many people today what could possibly have gone wrong? 

Is it fair to say that our thoughts direct our behaviour and our behaviour directs what eat?

Have we lost our way and can no longer can heal ourselves through eating foods that support vitality, health and make us feel energised?

Have we forgotten how to feed the body and brain with nature’s gifts that restore health at a very rapid rate?


What do we see when we look at fruit and vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and oils? Are they just items on a shopping list or do they have a much greater purpose?

What is our relationship with nature’s gifts? Are we able to sense the purpose of these foods that nature gives us to eat?

Are nature’s gifts there to ensure we stay energised, healthy and experience extraordinary vitality?

Have we lost the connection with nature gifts to such a degree that we no longer comprehend the importance of eating foods that sustain our body, brain and soul?

Why is it that we have broken the bond with nature’s gifts to such a degree that our bodies start to show weakness, aches, and pains?

Why is it that our bodies and minds are breaking down and show symptoms of illness?

What is our body lacking that we have forgotten to give?

Have we slowly become senseless?

How can we turn the wheel of our vessel in a direction that restores health in our body and brain?

How can we start to feel confident about what we need to do to heal ourselves?

If you are in pain, if your body is no longer functioning well, if you are not sure how to heal your current symptoms, then this article is for you.


I do not claim to have all the answers, nor do I want that responsibility.

But I can help you to start using and trusting your senses again.

I can help you direct your attention towards nature’s healing gifts.

I can help you to realise that you no longer have to be confused about how to restore health to your body, feed your brain and nurture your sole.

Common sense is what I bring to the table. 

Common sense is what is required for you to connect again with nature’s healing gifts.

I am here to say that you can reclaim your health.

I want to propose a new way of life, which includes only plant, based wholefoods.

Plant based wholefoods are the key to your health, vitality and feeling energised again.

Today millions of people on this earth have started to eat delicious plant based wholefoods, and I am one of them.

If you feel that you have had enough of your current state of health, you want to start taking full accountability and want to be responsible for what you put in your mouth to restore your health and stay healthy then today can be the start.

Nature has one agenda, which is to serve you. It is not there to make money of you, manipulate you, and confuse you, or to take advantage of you.

Your body and brain functions well when it is fed ‘only’ plant based wholefoods. Once upon a time this was common knowledge and the ‘norm’ and nobody would even question it.


Symptoms will disappear eating  ‘only’ plant based whole foods.

You don’t have to worry about your vitamins, minerals, protein how much of this or how much of that.

When you eat a wide variety of ‘only’ plants based wholefoods, you are getting everything in ample amounts.

Nature’s gift will look after you. It is nature’s mandate to serve you!

When you honour the natural relationship with the land then by default, your energy, vitality and health will be in much better spirits.

Your confidence will rise to new heights and you too will start to feel more grounded then you have ever felt before!

Why? Because your body will give the feedback you need - you can sense it. 

You now know how to look after your self, how to be healthy and experience true vitality. (KS: Do I?)

You now have restored the bond that should have never been broken with ‘only’ plant based wholefoods. (KS: Do I?)

You don’t need to be a doctor, scientist, nutritionist or dietician. You just need to start using your common sense.

Start by being mentored by people who know how to start eating like nature intended. 


I am here to help and have 15 years of experience that you can tap into. 

It is much more simple then most people think.

The food combinations are not only your daily medicine for extraordinary health. 
But plant based wholefoods are delicious too when you know how to combine them in specific ways, which I can show you.

I will further share with you some incredible insights that I gained in the last 15 years that will be of huge benefit to you.

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Start Living With Sense. Because you are worth it!